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How to add forms and contact pages to your Sitepad website

Here is how to add forms and contact pages to your Sitepad website using cPanel at
Adding a Contact Form
Log into your cPanel account at
Scroll down to the "Website Builders" section and click on "Sitepad Website Builder"
Select the website you want to add the contact form to
Click on "Edit Site Content"
Click the "Add Content" button and select "Form"
Customize the form fields as desired (name, email, message, etc.)
Click "Save" when done
Adding a Contact Page
Follow steps 1-4 above to access your site's content editor
Click "Add Content" and select "Page"
Give the page a name like "Contact Us"
Use the editor to add text content explaining how visitors can contact you
Click the "Add Content" button again and select "Form" to embed your contact form
Position and customize the form on the page
Click "Save" when finished
• offers an integrated email service to receive form submissions
• You can add a privacy policy and anti-spam measures to your forms
• Consider adding a Google Maps embed to your contact page
• Test your forms regularly to ensure they are working properly
By following these steps, you can easily enhance your website with contact forms and pages using the intuitive Sitepad builder in cPanel. This allows visitors to get in touch seamlessly.

Updated on: 08/05/2024

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