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How to edit and modify files directly within the File Manager in cPanel.

Here is how to edit and modify files directly within the File Manager in cPanel at
Log into your cPanel account.
In the Files section, click on "File Manager".
Navigate to the file you want to edit by using the directory structure on the left side. Double-click on folders to open them.
Once you have located the file, you can:
• Right-click on the file and select "Edit" to open the file in the built-in code editor.
• Or double-click on the file to download it, make your changes in a text editor on your local computer, and then upload the modified file back to the server.
If editing within the File Manager:
• The code editor will open with the file's contents displayed.
• Make your desired changes directly in the text editor window.
• When finished, click "Save Changes" at the top.
If editing locally:
• Download the file to your computer.
• Open it in a text editor like Notepad++ and make your modifications.
• Save the changes.
• Back in the File Manager, upload the edited file, overwriting the original.
Key Tips:
• Be very careful when editing files, especially core system files, as mistakes can break your website.
• Always keep backups before modifying important files at
• For major edits, use a dedicated code editor rather than the built-in one.
• Check file permissions if you have trouble saving changes.

Updated on: 08/05/2024

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