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How to manage MySQL databases in cPanel

At, we provide an easy way to manage your MySQL databases through the cPanel interface. Here are the steps to create, access, and manage MySQL databases:

Log into your cPanel account

In the "Databases" section, click on "MySQL Databases"

Creating a New Database:

Click on the "Create New Database" link

Enter a name for your new database

Click "Create Database"

You have now created a new, empty MySQL database on your hosting account.

Accessing an Existing Database:
• To access an existing database, click on the "Go to Database" icon next to the database name

This will open up phpMyAdmin in a new tab/window, allowing you to manage tables, data, users, etc. for that database.

Other Database Management Options:

The MySQL Databases interface also allows you to:
• Create a new database user
• Assign users to databases
• Copy or rename databases
• Delete databases
• Check database privileges
To perform any of these actions, simply locate the database you want to manage and click on the appropriate icon.

Security Best Practices:
• Use strong, unique passwords for your database users
• Only grant the minimum required privileges to users
• Remove any unused databases/users periodically

By following these steps, customers can easily create and manage MySQL databases through the user-friendly cPanel interface.

Updated on: 19/04/2024

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