How to schedule automatic MySQL database backups in cPanel

Here are the steps to schedule automatic MySQL database backups in cPanel for customers:

Log into your cPanel account.

In the "Files" section, click on "Backup Wizard".

Click the "Backup" icon next to the MySQL databases you want to back up.

Select the backup destination. You can choose:
• File on the server's /backup partition
• FTP account
• Email address
• Dropbox account

Set the backup schedule:
• Daily
• Weekly
• Monthly
• Never (manual backups only)

Choose any additional options you want, such as compression or email notifications.

Click "Next" and then review the backup details.

Click "Complete" to schedule the automatic MySQL database backups.

Benefits of Scheduling Automatic Backups with
• Protects your data from accidental deletion, corruption, or hardware failure
• Allows you to easily restore your databases if needed
• Provides peace of mind knowing your critical data is backed up regularly
• Saves time by automating the backup process recommends scheduling daily or weekly backups for all your MySQL databases to ensure you have recent backup copies available. Backup frequency can be adjusted based on how often your data changes.

Updated on: 26/04/2024

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