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How to disable hotlinking

Hotlinking occurs when someone embeds images or other files hosted on your website onto another website. This can use up your bandwidth and server resources. To prevent this, you can disable hotlinking in cPanel. Here are the steps:

Log into your cPanel account at

Under the "Files" section, click on "Apache Handlers"

Look for the "mod_rewrite.c" module and make sure it is enabled. If not, enable it.

Next, go to the "Tweak Settings" interface under the "Apache" section.

Scroll down to the "Website Redirect Settings" and click the "Hotlink Protection" icon.

You will see options to: • Allow hotlinking from all domains • Allow hotlinking from specific domains • Prevent hotlinking altogether

Select "Prevent hotlinking altogether" if you want to completely disable it.

Alternatively, you can enter specific domains you want to allow hotlinking from in the box provided.

Click "Save" at the bottom when done.

That's it! Hotlinking will now be disabled for your website based on your settings. This will prevent bandwidth leeching and preserve server resources.

Let know if you need any other assistance with managing your hosting account!

Updated on: 19/04/2024

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