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How to install a SSL certificate in cPanel

Let's Encrypt provides free SSL/TLS certificates to secure your website. makes it easy to install Let's Encrypt SSL certificates through the cPanel interface. Follow these steps:

Log into your cPanel account.

In the "Security" section, click on the "Let's Encrypt" icon.

You will see domains associated with your account that are eligible for Let's Encrypt SSL certificates. Select the domain(s) you want to secure.

Click "Issue Certificate".

Read the Terms of Service and check the box to agree.

Click "Confirm".

cPanel will now fetch and install the Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for the selected domain(s).

Once completed, you should see a success message. The SSL certificate is now installed.

A few additional notes:
• Let's Encrypt SSL certificates are valid for 90 days. will automatically renew them for you before they expire.
• You can manage installed certificates by clicking "Manage" under the Let's Encrypt section in cPanel.
• For subdomains, you need to request certificates for the subdomain itself, not just the root domain.
• Let's Encrypt only provides domain validation, not organization validation SSL certificates.

By using Let's Encrypt SSL from within cPanel at, you can easily secure your website with a trusted SSL certificate at no cost. Let us know if you need any assistance!

Updated on: 19/04/2024

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