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How to manage domains in cPanel

Managing Domains in cPanel with
At, we provide cPanel as a powerful control panel to help you easily manage your web hosting and domains. Here are the key steps to manage your domains using cPanel:

Accessing cPanel
• Log into your account
• Click on "Login to cPanel" to access the cPanel interface

Adding a New Domain
• In cPanel, go to the "Domains" section
• Click on "Addon Domains" to add a new domain to your hosting account
• Enter the new domain name you want to add and follow the instructions

Setting Primary Domain
• The primary domain is the main website associated with your hosting account
• To change the primary domain, go to "Domains" > "Primary Domain"
• Select the domain you want to set as the primary from the list

Parking Domains
• Parking a domain allows you to have multiple domains pointing to the same website content
• Go to "Domains" > "Parked Domains"
• Enter the domain you want to park and select the hosting location

• Subdomains allow you to create sections off your main domain (e.g.
• Navigate to "Domains" > "Subdomains"
• Enter the subdomain prefix you want and select the document root

Domain Forwarding
• You can forward one domain to another with these steps:
• Go to "Domains" > "Domain Forwarding"
• Enter the domain to forward and the destination URL

With's cPanel, you have full control over adding, editing, and managing all aspects of your web domains.

Updated on: 19/04/2024

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