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How to create a redirect for your website provides an easy-to-use Redirect tool in cPanel to create URL redirects for your website. Follow these steps:

Log into your cPanel account.

In the Domains section, click on "Redirects".

This will open the Redirect Manager tool. Click on "Add Redirect".

In the Add Redirect screen, you need to specify:
• The original URL path you want to redirect from (Source)
• The destination URL path you want to redirect to (Target)
• Redirect Type (Temporary or Permanent)

For the Source, enter the full URL path you want redirected, including http:// or https://. For example:

For the Target, enter the new URL you want to redirect to. For example:

Select the Redirect Type: • Temporary (302) - For temporary redirects • Permanent (301) - For permanent URL changes

Click "Add" to save the redirect rule.

The redirect will now be active on your hosted website.

Additional Tips:
• You can redirect an entire domain or subdomain to a new location by using ".*" in the Source field.
• Use wildcards like .php or .html to redirect multiple pages at once.
• Check the "Redirect Loop" box to prevent infinite redirect loops.
• Review the list of existing redirects and remove any outdated ones.

By using the Redirect tool in cPanel at, you can easily manage URL redirects for your website to improve user experience and maintain proper SEO practices.

Updated on: 19/04/2024

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