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How to set up email autoresponders in cPanel

Setting up email autoresponders in cPanel is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:

Log in to your cPanel account.

In the cPanel dashboard, scroll down to the "Mail" section and click on the "Email Accounts" icon.

On the next page, locate the email account for which you want to set up an autoresponder and click on the "More" link next to it.

In the drop-down menu, select "Set Vacation/Autoresponder."

A new window will open. Here, you can configure your autoresponder settings: a. Check the "Autoresponder" box to enable the autoresponder feature. b. In the "Autoresponder Message" field, enter the message you want to send as an automatic reply. c. If you want to send the autoresponder to all incoming emails, leave the "Addresses to Exclude" field blank. If you want to exclude specific email addresses from receiving the autoresponder, enter those addresses in this field, separated by commas. d. Set the start and end dates for the autoresponder if you want it to be active only during a specific period.

Once you've configured the settings, click on the "Save" button at the bottom of the window.

Your autoresponder is now set up and will automatically reply to incoming emails with the message you provided.
Note: It's generally a good practice to include a courteous message in your autoresponder, explaining that you're away or unable to respond immediately, and providing an alternative contact if necessary.
Additionally, some email clients or spam filters may treat autoresponders as potential spam, so it's advisable to keep the message concise and avoid including excessive formatting or links.

Updated on: 18/04/2024

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