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How to configure DNS records for your website (A, CNAME, MX, etc.)

At, we provide an easy-to-use cPanel interface to manage your domain's DNS records. DNS (Domain Name System) records are essential for directing internet traffic to your website and email services. Here's how to configure the most common types of DNS records:

A Record (Address Record)
• An A record maps a domain name to an IP address
• To set an A record:
• Log into cPanel
• Go to the "Advanced DNS Zone Editor"
• Click "Edit" next to your domain
• Add a new A record with your domain and the IP address it should point to

CNAME Record (Canonical Name Record)
• A CNAME record maps an alias domain to another domain name address
• Common uses include setting up subdomains (e.g. or using a CDN
• To create a CNAME:
• Follow the steps to the Advanced DNS Zone Editor
• Add a new CNAME record with the alias and the domain it should point to

MX Record (Mail Exchanger Record)
• MX records tell mail servers where to deliver email for your domain
• You'll need an MX record to receive email at
• To set an MX record:
• Go to the Advanced DNS Zone Editor
• Add a new MX record with your domain and your mail server's hostname

Other Common Records
• TXT Records for verifying domain ownership
• SPF Records for email anti-spam
• AAAA Records for IPv6 addresses

Updated on: 19/04/2024

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