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How to create pages and posts in WordPress

Creating Pages and Posts in WordPress with
At, we make it easy to build and manage your WordPress website. One of the core features is creating pages and posts. Here are the steps:
Creating a New Page
Log into your WordPress admin dashboard
On the left sidebar, hover over "Pages" and click "Add New"
Enter a title for your new page in the top field
Use the visual editor to add your page content, formatting, images, etc.
When finished, click "Publish" to make your new page live
Creating a New Post (Blog Entry)
From the WordPress admin dashboard, hover over "Posts" and click "Add New"
Enter a title for your blog post in the top field
In the post body area, write your blog content using the visual editor • Add formatting, images, videos, etc. as desired
On the right side, you can: • Select categories and tags for your post • Set a featured image • Schedule when the post should go live
Click "Publish" when ready to make your post live
• Use the "Preview" button to see how pages/posts will look before publishing
• Already published pages/posts can be edited by hovering over "Pages"/"Posts" and clicking "All Pages"/"All Posts"
• provides automatic WordPress updates to ensure your site stays secure
With WordPress and, creating great content for your website is fast and easy. Let us know if you need any other assistance!

Updated on: 08/05/2024

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