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How to enable hotlink protection in cPanel

To enable hotlink protection in cPanel, please follow these steps:

Log into your cPanel account.

In the Files section, click on "File Manager".

Navigate to the public_html directory or the directory where your website files are located.

Right-click on the directory and select "File Manager Settings".

In the File Manager Settings window, click on the "Hotlink Protection" icon.

Check the "Enable Hotlink Protection" box.

In the "Allowed Sources" field, enter the domains or IP addresses that you want to allow hotlinking from. Separate multiple entries with a space or a comma.

Click "Save" to apply the changes.

Hotlink protection prevents other websites from directly linking to and displaying your images or other media files on their pages. This helps reduce bandwidth usage and potential copyright issues. At, we recommend enabling hotlink protection to safeguard your website's resources.

Updated on: 19/04/2024

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