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How to integrate social media into your WordPress website

Here is how to integrate social media into your WordPress website using cPanel at
Install Social Media Plugins At, we recommend installing dedicated social media plugins for WordPress. Some popular options include:
• Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed
• Revive Old Posts
• Monarch by ElegantThemes
• Social Warfare
These plugins allow you to embed social media feeds, share buttons, follow buttons and more directly into your WordPress site.
Connect Your Social Accounts Once you've installed the plugin(s) of your choice, you'll need to connect your various social media accounts:
• Go to the plugin's settings area
• Look for options to connect Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
• Enter your account credentials to link the accounts
Configure Display Options Most social plugins give you granular control over how and where social elements appear:
• Embed Instagram feeds in sidebars or posts
• Add share buttons at the top/bottom of posts
• Display follow icons in headers/footers
• Customize colors, styles, layouts
Promote Your Content In addition to displaying social feeds, use plugins to automatically share your new blog posts:
• Connect accounts like Twitter, Facebook Pages
• Set schedules for sharing new and old content
• Use hashtags and @mentions to increase visibility
Track Performance Many social plugins integrate with Google Analytics to track:
• Shares and follows from your website
• Clicks from shared posts back to your site
• Top performing content on social media
At, we highly recommend leveraging social media integration with WordPress to grow your online presence and audience.

Updated on: 08/05/2024

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