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How to transfer large files or entire websites using FTP.

Transferring Large Files or Entire Websites with FTP (cPanel)
At, we understand that sometimes you need to transfer large files or even entire websites from one server to another. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a reliable method for accomplishing this task. Here are the steps to follow:
Log into your cPanel account
Locate and open the "File Manager" tool under the "Files" section
Using File Manager:
o Navigate to the directory where your files/website is located
o Select the files/folders you want to transfer
o Click the "Upload" button at the top
In the "Upload Files" window that opens:
o Choose the "Upload" option
o Click the "Browse" button to select the file(s) from your local computer
o For transferring an entire website, select all files/folders
o Click "Open" once files are selected
o Click the "Upload" button to begin the transfer
For large file transfers, be patient as it may take some time depending on file size and connection speed
Using an FTP Client (Recommended for Entire Websites)
While cPanel's built-in tools work well, using a dedicated FTP client can provide more control and visibility when transferring an entire website. We recommend using a popular FTP client like FileZilla.
• Download and install the FileZilla FTP client
• Enter your server details:
o Host:
o Username: your cPanel username
o Password: your cPanel password
o Port: 21 (or the port specified by
• Connect to the server using the "Quickconnect" button
• Navigate to the remote directory where you want to transfer the files
• Drag and drop the files/folders from your local computer to the remote server window
Key Tips:
• Use binary transfer mode for non-text files like images, zips, etc.
• Right-click for additional transfer options like resume, queue, etc.
• Monitor the transfer progress in the message log
With FTP via cPanel or a dedicated client, transferring large files and entire websites at is secure and efficient. Let us know if you need any further assistance!

Updated on: 08/05/2024

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